The Dawn of New Earth Campaign takes place as supernatural is gradually introduced to the world. The rise of the supernatural and the exponential growth of technology has created new evils that threatens to throw this world into Chaos.

Most of the inhabitants of New Earth still view the supernaturals in much the same way that we view vampires, angels and gods.

However, there are a few organizations and individuals who are aware of supernatural events.

The campaign will focus around these organizations and your characters as they investigate and deal with the reality of the changing world in which they live.

Groups and Organizations

The Collective

Ian Berkshire

Berkshire Robotics

Yaoguai special Research Division

Campaign Timeline

1986 – Event at Chernobyl

1991 – Beast Of the Desert

1992 – Archon is formed.

2015 – Lodon accord Signed.

2025 – Campaign Start

A note about hero origins:

The source of supernatural powers is unknown. Although there are many theories , no one knows for sure how supernaturals work. Your character can have a theory or belief about their powers but keep in mind they really do not know. Most supernaturals did not have their powers at birth, but their are exceptions. Most significant accounts of Supernatural powers have occurred in the last 15 to 20 years.

Please let me know your ideas for the world and your charterers and any feedback on the content here.

Dawn of New Earth

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